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Eliminating Methane Leaks and Increasing Uptime

One of the legacies of oil and gas development are methane leaks from tanks, compressors, and other equipment that may be in continuous or intermittent use. To date, monitoring large or small methane leaks has been expensive, periodic, or only feasible for larger facilities. Improving methane monitoring options is critical because methane is a potent greenhouse gas that plays an outsized role in near term climate change. Fortunately, methane emissions from oil and gas systems are both measurable and easily mitigated when detected.

New public policy developments are driving a need for better methane monitoring solutions. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2022 set aside $4.7 billion in funding for states to identify and plug orphaned wells that are leaking methane. Another law, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, established a fee for methane emissions for certain types of facilities. Operators need an approach that combines cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and actionable insights.

Machfu has developed two approaches to methane monitoring that deliver these benefits and more. The well-site monitoring kit allows users to monitor and record methane emissions at strategic well site locations. The kit is easily installed and integrated into existing platforms or used as a stand-alone methane monitoring solution.

The orphaned well monitoring kit is designed for use at plugged and sealed orphaned wells. The system starts with a plastic dome that is installed over the well, continues with Machfu’s gas sensor which is installed inside the dome, and then completed with a solar-powered Machfu Gateway and battery assembly, along with other accessories. Data gathered by the sensors is transmitted wirelessly over a cellular or satellite connection to the cloud for analysis and action.

Machfu helps operators stay ahead of EPA methane regulations and federal penalties on methane emissions.

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