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Enabling the transition to the smart grid to deliver a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

Electric utilities are making progress on the transition to an autonomous grid. Machfu solutions allow utilities to connect a smart network of outage detecting sensors to existing SCADA systems, making the transition faster and more cost effective.

Smart grids deliver a number of benefits to the consumer and the planet. They can reduce the need for new power generation by optimizing energy usage and reducing energy losses. They better integrate renewable energy sources like wind and solar and give consumers more control over their energy use. By quickly detecting and isolating faults, they improve reliability and reduce the duration and frequency of power outages.

Machfu gives utilities the option to connect to a private SCADA radio over a serial or ethernet port, or with the embedded LTE cellular radio. This solution also connects sensor data to cloud applications for providing web services thereby reducing maintenance costs and enabling predictive analytics.


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